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Moderate guitarist, better at rhythm than lead, but can lead if necessary. 14-15 years old, classic rock influence.

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guitarist guitarist - acoustic guitarist - rythm blues blues rock indie rock rhythm and blues rock rockabilly

Wants to join a band in Monterey, California, United States.

Monterey, California, United States

Can play rhythm guitar fine and lead guitar fair. Do not have a practice place. Looking for members with similar influence (Led Zeppelin, blues players, white stripes, especially Rush.) I have experience with public playing, songwriting and music theory. Preferably a band with drummer, bassist, another guitarist, vocalist and as a luxury a keyboardist. I have a lot of honor and respect, and I like to have fun. I am not looking for fame, just a fun hobby with a chance at getting a small gig. I am in high school, so I may not always be available. Will try to come as often as possible. I like heavy rock'n'roll, but not metal. I like progressive rock, but not pop. (I AM NOT ACCEPTING ANY REQUESTS FOR COVER BANDS OF ANY KIND) and I don't like country. Please contact me through email.

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