Multi-Instrumentalist (mostly bassist/keyboardist) looking to play pretty much anything

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bass player electronic musician keyboardist songwriter producer vocalist - backing blues electronic experimental hip hop indie rock rock

Wants to join a band in Dallas, Texas, United States.

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Dallas, Texas, United States

Anyone actually use this website?

Currently, I make music solo as a virtual band. I'm a self-taught keyboardist, bassist, guitarist (although guitar isn't my strong suit), composer, songwriter, and singer (more backup than lead, not the best vocalist honestly). I'm also a trained audio engineer with a good amount of recording equipment, so recording anything (except full drum kits) is easy and mixing/mastering songs is my life juice.

If I had it my way, I'd like to be the bassist/keyboardist for a fun little band that writes some songs, records from time to time, and performs from time to time. Not particular on genre, I like playing around with different styles a lot and I try not to be stagnant by sticking to one genre or another. Currently partial to funk, folk, hip-hop, jazz, soul, rock, blues, and synth pop.

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