My band is looking for a lead guitarist, lead singer, and songwriter!

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guitarist - lead singer songwriter punk rock

Band members wanted in Deer Valley, Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

Deer Valley, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

My band is currently unnamed. I (Hannah/Ash - whichever you prefer) play bass, Elise/E/Rae plays rhythm guitar, and Sarah (or Maxx) plays drums. Elise is 13, Sarah and I are 14 and we are all female. Preferably looking for males to fill in this role. The rhythm guitarist and drummer are learning their instruments. I can play mine (at least the basics), but we’re all pretty fast learners. If you can also write songs that would be amazing! We’re looking for people in our age range (13-18). A major thing we ask of you is that you’re accepting of everyone, especially the LGBTQ+ community!

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Wanted: Guitarist - Lead, Singer in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
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