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bass player drummer flutist guitarist keyboardist singer cover / tribute hip hop other pop rock world music

Wants to join a band in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Are you a skilled musician or a band who just can't seem to reach out to people? Are you passionate about music but aren't getting any gigs? Are you a YouTuber with an embarrassingly low subscriber count? No matter what the issue is, UnnamedPromoter is here.

We do the nerd stuff, like web designing, graphic designing and other forms of PR. In short, you bring your talent to the table, and we sell it. As a musician, your chances of turning into a star are lesser than your chances of winning the lottery. No matter what your talent is, you will always need good promotion, someone who can put the icing on the cake and help you reap your profits.
If you wanna go around the town doing shows, we can help you build a reputation and get gigs. If you are a YouTuber, we can help you gather a strong fanbase. As long as you are talented, we can give you that push you need to climb up the food chain. All you have to do is tell us what you want to accomplish, and using that as our foundation, we can work around it. Send us a private message if you're interested.

Also, quick heads up, this is not a scam. We are specifying upfront that we are not a charity, and we will not accept any speculative work. If you are confident enough about yourself to invest in your future as a musician, then and only then are we a suitable platform.

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Available: Composer, Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
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Hi m Siddharth Bhattacharya.. i have done graduation from Bmus.. and for any information you can check on my facebook account.. I stay in Mumbai nd I m searching for band members who loves music.. nd can perform in shows.. I mostly sing bollywood.. read more »

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