Need band members!!!

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Posted 1 year ago by OnlyJustin2. 50 views.

drummer guitarist - acoustic bass player guitarist guitarist - rythm pop cover / tribute

Wants to join a band in Alvarado, Texas, United States.

Alvarado, Texas, United States

Hi, I'm Justin, II'm 17 and I need basically an entire band... Me and my girlfriend want to start a band. Anyone around Alvarado Texas. I sing. And that's all we really have. I want a small name band, just for something fun and great today. Music is my passion. Oh, and I also write songs!

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Hey, im looking for some band members. I have a few songs but not many. I use to be in a band but i had to move to do work. Now im moving back home. I want to play music again. I already have them name and everything just need some members. -.. read more »

Available: Drummer, Guitarist - Acoustic, Guitarist, Guitarist - Lead, Guitarist - Rythm in Abilene, Texas, United States.
Posted 2 years ago by babydoll, 123 views.

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Wanted: Drummer, Bass Player, Guitarist, Guitarist - Lead, Guitarist - Rythm in Abilene, Texas, United States.
Posted 1 year ago by EndlessTomorrow, 100 views.

Haii I am Amani and Esme and we need a male guitarist and a drummer that is ages 13-15. If you are a person that is available please contact me at AmaniWilkins@gmail.com Thank You.. read more »

Wanted: Guitarist, Guitarist - Acoustic in Downtown, Austin, Texas, United States.
Posted 3 years ago by Crazies18_, 102 views.

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