Need to jam with anyone other than myself

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drummer guitarist

Wants to join a band in Gilford, New Hampshire, United States.

Gilford, New Hampshire, United States

Looking to make original unique music. Would like to explore many genre within one band. I'm picky. Like rock alternative acoustic through heavy metal. Even like bluegrass to funk, Idc I Wanna do it all. Hate doing covers. I play drums and guitar. I am inexperienced jamming with others. I'll record tracks with just myself. Kinda giving up on it. Not really trying to be serious with it, cuz I think it kills the fun of it. I jus wanna jam, create, and if there's like a natural chemistry, then Id be happy to show off. But again, I don't wanna sound like anyone else. I don't like how modern music has no soul, I wanna make something to bring music back. And if I don't like what we make I'll point it out, I'm kind of a perfectionist. If it not perfect it not good enough. But again just trying to have fun and explore. Just a big laugh be for music. Might not be the most talented but when a sound clicks, I'll jump in and shred. Like be in the center of New Hampshire, where no one else does

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