Ozzy Tribute- Amazing players needed!!!

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bass player drummer drummer - double bass guitarist - lead keyboardist cover / tribute

Wants to join a band in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

I have been writing,recording and performing music for over 25 years. I sing and play anything I can get my hands on but my highlights are vocals,bass,rhythm guitar. I am already in a few bands traveling here and there but I will be as honest as possible here with the following: People have told me over the years that I sound like Ozzy at times and if I attempt to sound like Ozzy.. well I sound like Ozzy. I'm looking to find TOP notch players with the ability to nail down Ozzy's greatest. Which means an amazing guitarist,bassist and drummer. Ozzy has always had the best! I want to start an Ozzy/Sabbath tribute band for one simple reason... $$$. Plus I'm a huge fan of the man himself so it would also be a ton of fun!. Any interested parties please feel free to email me with your details. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from some of you incredible musicians out there!

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