Power Symphonic Metal, New Band - "Windless Edge" looking for a musicians

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bass player drummer - double bass guitarist - lead guitarist - rythm keyboardist pianist classical folk metal

Band members wanted in Los Angeles, California, United States.

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Los Angeles, California, United States

Old band from other country with tons of material, recordings, songs, TABS, NOTES and huge influence from monsters of rock scene (Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica, Powerwolf, Helloween) is looking for new band members: guitar, bass, drums and keyboard.

We need:

Guitar: 7 string (prefer with floyd rose), distortion pedals (any other effects is not necessary)
Bass : 5 string (6 string is even better). Solid, powerful and also very technique.
Keyboard: Korg x50. That's it boy. Should be very good technique (if you never played Bach, Goedicke etudes or Chopin- stop reading this ad please). Sustain pedals is the must too.
Drums: DOUBLE BASS IS THE MUST (any blast beats is not necessary)

Age, gender and orientation is NOT IMPORTANT. If you 12-years old bad-ass gay bass player- you are in.

And the most important thing.... GUITAR PRO. If you dont have that program- then im gonna help you to install it FOR FREE (MAC, Windows, Linux). We will be more then happy if you start to play our music professionally and enjoy it.

Here is recording from 2011:


English lyrics is in process, but if you want you can participate in writing them. Thanks!

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