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Band members wanted in Austin, Texas, United States.

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Austin, Texas, United States

- We are an established Austin-based progressive rock band with one album ("Welcome, Humans”) released on Musea Records, a second album released next month, and new music in the pipeline needing collaborative input from a creative and capable keyboardist.
- Keyboardist should be adept at tasteful, colorful, creative, complementary embellishments using a variety of sound palettes (synths, organ, piano, Mellotron or similar). We rehearse once per week in North Central Austin and seek a keyboardist ready to dive into co-writing, arranging and recording with us, and return to gigging once a month or two (after we are rehearsed and ready with the new keyboardist). Don't expect monetary gain or stardom, though there is a prog scene in Austin which we are a part of. Other than some recognition for our gigs and recordings, other rewards and goals are simple: Friendly camaraderie and the joy of creating and playing music together. The band is a democracy.
- Gigs: we aim for once a month or so, as a general goal

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