Really looking for a producer. Or an Indie band!

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producer folk indie rock other soul

Wants to join a band in Tampa, Florida, United States.

Tampa, Florida, United States

Hello, there
I write some stuff and I would like for someone to come with an instrumental for it. I can record it and you can have an idea of the melody and put stuff together. I would just like to create and make something memorable. I am into indie/alternative and love BORNS, Lana Del Rey, SOHN, MGMT, Tame Impala, Ben Howard, Mac DeMarco, etc etc. So if you know any of them (or all of them) it would be great! :)
Maybe we can get famous and tour worldwide? It's never impossible!
Send me a message if you're a producer wanting to create some good stuff. I can work remotely as well. You don't need to be based in Tampa.

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