Singer and a keyboard player in need of band members.

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Posted 1 year ago by Eddie_M98. 122 views.

guitarist - lead guitarist bass player drummer rock pop

Wants to join a band in Anaheim Colony Historic District, Anaheim, California, United States.

Anaheim Colony Historic District, Anaheim, California, United States

Hi my name is Eddie Martinez and in the making of starting a new band, currently have a amazing keyboard player who plays the guitar and drums. We are in need of a lead guitarist and a rythem guitarist, bassist and a drummer. My influences on my sound of music are bring me the horizon, black veil brides, and the new asking Alexandria. I got my inspiration to sing from a band called anberlin. I look to make different music then just make metal and hard rock, I also want to make pop rock sounding music similar to Andy biresacks solo album the shadow side. My vocal range is a baritone so I sing with a deeper voice and I also don't want to scream don't feel like damaging my voice.!! Since we're barley starting this band were currently making covers of some of our favorite songs from bring me the horizon, black veil brides, and journey. If any one is interested in what style we like and bands we like contact me we can show each other our talents and maybe have a jam session to see our skills. My email is eddiemartinez396@gmail.com

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