Singer in California looking for band to audition with

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singer blues rock cover / tribute pop rhythm and blues rock rockabilly

Wants to join a band in Roseville, California, United States.

Roseville, California, United States

Hello. I am Matthew Townsend-Farr, and I am looking for a band that needs a lead singer. I am mostly a classic rock and roll fan, but I will try to be in the certain genres as described in this advertisement. I want to lay down a few things that I want in this group. First, I don't want a band that is into drugs, excessive alcohol, smoking, or any combination of the three. Second, I am a young man who will work with most people, if they want me in return. Finally, I just want to have fun with some new friends who I can maybe help. I have a great vocal range, and I want to audition in person, not through videos or sound clips. If interested, please contact me at my email address Thank you and may Heaven smile down upon you.

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