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bass player electronic musician guitarist rapper singer songwriter bossa nova experimental hip hop indie rock pop rock

Wants to join a band in Burbank, California, United States.

Burbank, California, United States

Hey hey! I live in burbank and I play guitar (more like rhythm but i can write leads), piano (basic-ass piano), and i can play bass, I have some knowledge of violin and uke. I have a decent ear for music iunno if thats important. I'm a 24 year old dude, umm im basically writing my tinder profile here lol I dunno, i'm looking for a band that just needs an extra singer, or they want a rapper, or they want a guitarist, and just want to explore music with other people right now ♥

Singing-Rapping Style/Influences:
I like singing in a very soft tone. Someone described it as a like pained lullaby lol I thought that was a fun description. My family thinks my voice also fits in with Bruno Mars which kinda blows but whatever i like his music lol. I'm a big fan of generally a lot of indie music, and just softer songs i guess is what i'm better at but I also like a lot of pop, pop punk, rock, rnb, some kinds of metal lol yeah maybe i can be like the clean vocals in a post hardcore band i dunno.

Rapping I just started recently like a year ago, but styles i like is more older i guess. I don't really know who to put in for influences on style, but i guess emo rap is more in my genre lol I also dunno what to put my style under. Generally people don't think I sound like me when I'm rapping so I guess the only thing is just ask about it and i'll send a soundcloud clip or i dunno cause i'm not good at describing it. probably just a basic ass rapper lol

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