Singer-songwriter in Phoenix

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Posted 10 months ago by sadieleemusic. 227 views.

rapper singer songwriter vocalist - backing vocalist - choral blues rock cover / tribute electronic indie rock pop punk

Wants to join a band in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Hiya, my name is Sadie Lee and I'm totally up for joining a band. Like it says in the title, I sing and I write songs. I'd sing for most types of bands honestly, I genuinely love music, but my favourite types are like indie, rock, pop, emo, that type of stuff. Like Halsey and the emo trinity are my inspirations lol. I have a voice in the alto range. Hit me up if you're interested. Have a good day <3

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Available: Singer in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
Posted 6 months ago by Ramon, 191 views.

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Posted 10 months ago by sadieleemusic, 253 views.

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Available: Bass Player, Guitarist - Acoustic, Guitarist - Rythm, Singer in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
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