Skilled Bassist (or guitarist) looking for dark/heavy/ambient band

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bass player guitarist guitarist - lead guitarist - rythm experimental metal noise other

Wants to join a band in Seattle, Washington, United States.

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Seattle, Washington, United States

I've got 15 years experience with guitar and bass. These days I'm mostly into Godflesh, Burzum, Fu Manchu, and old Earth.

I prefer to tune between Std.C# and drop A, but if a band is fast and technical enough, I would be open to tuning to standard. I've attached an image showing the genres in which I'm skilled/fluent. I'm not really interested in anything like classic-rock, metalcore, punk, or indie-rock. I prefer the music I play to either be loud and [driving or ambient] or challenging to play.

I'm not trying to get huge, but would like to play live and record. I have good gear/job/car.

Here is the first major album to which I've contributed as a writer when I was a teenager around 2004:

After leaving this band for philosophical reasons (I am no longer religious), I started writing and playing with this band as guitarist/vocalist: (I'm the guitarist doing vocals)

I spent ten years playing with this band, making eight records. We stopped playing once I decided to move to Seattle in 2015. Note: the band I'm looking to play in does not have to be this extreme and heavy, as long as it is interesting and original.

I'm really into bass right now so that would be a fun role to play, but I still have my baritone guitar stuff if needed. If you'd like to see any personal demos of either instrument, let me know and I can make a video for you.

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