Starting a rock band in Kent area

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bass player drummer guitarist guitarist - acoustic singer songwriter blues rock country rock cover / tribute experimental metal rock

Band members wanted in Kent, Washington, United States.

Kent, Washington, United States

hello everyone, my name is Ethan and im looking to start a band in the kent, washington area. I am basically starting anew, and im open to lots of kinds of people. I like to write all kinds of music, although im most experienced in the acoustics. My inspirations are bands such as Shinedown, Avenged Sevenfold, Seether, Alice in Chains, Five Finger Death Punch, Slipknot, Poison, Guns n Roses, Disturbed, Jinjer, Arch Enemy, and Pearl Jam. There are others but I don't want to put a ton here. Also, I want to take my guitar playing to the professional level. I always am thinking of how exactly im gonna be able to "make it big" and I feel like i have a good grasp on what needs to be done. Im putting my all into my music, and I hope you will join me on my adventure. Thank you :) My contact info if you wanna contact me outside here is all on my profile.

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