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accordionist bass player bassoonist cellist clarinetist composer americana bluegrass blues blues rock bossa nova christian

Band members wanted in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Artists often end up in a rough spot, where they aren't able to earn. The basic Indian mentality suggests that you need connections in certain places to find success. We can testify, that's utter horseshit. :P
Musicians are usually asked to perform for free, as if it's a hobby. And sure, for some it is, but what about the serious artist who wants to do it for a living? What if they don't wanna perform for free, hoping there's a director or producer in the audience that'll boost their career? That's why we are here.
It's our job to promote you, to help you establish the fact, that your work has value. As long as you're talented, we can get you the gigs you're looking for. If you're interested, please send us a message on this website, preferably along with information such as what you're looking for, and your E-mail ID.

Note: We are not a charity. We are professionals who create actual content and help artists grow, and our work does have value. If you're looking for free support, kindly contact an NGO instead. If you believe in yourself and are willing to make an investment for a better future, we're in business! :P

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