Visual Kei/ Glam Metal musicians Wanted

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Posted 3 months ago by Ryazaki_Redd. 73 views.

drummer guitarist - rythm singer experimental metal punk rock

Band members wanted in The Woodlands, Texas, United States.

The Woodlands, Texas, United States

Hi I'm Ryazaki, I'm looking for local metal musicians for my Visual kei band Glamera I need the following musicians
Rhythm Guitarist
I am looking for people that are inspired by bands such as X Japan, Mötley Crüe, Malice Mizer, Luna Sea, W.A.S.P. ,The Gazette, Dir En Grey, Tokyo Yankees, Versailles, Saver Tiger, D'Erlanger, Color, Gargoyle, Zi-Kill, L'arc En Ciel, Mucc, Alice Cooper, Jurassic Jade, Sex Virgin Killer, After Image, Shiva, Datura, Bataar, Royz, Girugamesh, Marilyn Manson, Loudness, David Bowie, Buck-Tick, Mucc, Unsraw, Deathgaze, Jewel
I also Expect the members to apply to the dress code IE (wear make up, teased hair/crazy hair colors, Elaborate costumes/outfits)
This is a serious proposal and any offers will be fully reviewed and discussed as well as up for consideration I also have the ability to disqualify you based on talent or looks, you are expected to contribute musically. If you do contact me please be serious and thank you
additional info (I will be releasing the first album in Japan and America)
a bit about me I speak conversationally in Japanese, I've been to japan, I'm heavily into all forms of metal, punk, and most forms of Rock and Jazz, and I have been playing guitar for 5 years please feel free to ask any questions

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