Vocalist/drummer looking for work

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Posted 3 months ago by BrodieH. 71 views.

bass player drummer guitarist - lead keyboardist songwriter producer country cover / tribute hip hop metal punk rock

Wants to join a band in Stanhope, Victoria, Australia.

Stanhope, Victoria, Australia

Are you looking for a drummer or singer for your band? Well guess what, I have nothing else to do so I'll help you out. All you have to do is shoot me a message here and we'll sort out where to go from there! If not, you can call or text me at 0467871660, free of charge.

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Wanted: Bass Player, Guitarist, Singer in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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Available: Bass Player, Drummer, Drummer - Double Bass, Guitarist, Guitarist - Lead, Guitarist - Rythm in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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