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singer songwriter blues rock classical cover / tribute metal punk rock

Wants to join a band in Ypres, Flanders, Belgium.

Ypres, Flanders, Belgium


I'm 19 years old. (as of 2017)
I would love to join a kind group!
Who can simulate the process for example:
The vocals is off on a certain time of verse.
And i'll correct it in a few days / weeks (depends on situations and other circumstances)

Mostly my songwriting lyricals are sad.
Because it is focused on memories that i lived through.

I live in Belgium
But if you live for example:
In the UK which is far for me.
I can't go there (ofcourse) practice and do performances and such,
But i can help on producing it and making sure vocals is put together?
Or just only the songwriting part?
Its only an idea.

I can't do Harsh or uncleaning lyrical lyrics (screaming)
I don't want to put my voice in danger of losing it.

I don't mind which genre except for jazz or like the pop genre.
My favourite groups/artists are : Hollywood undead, Group 916, Johnny Cash, Ensiferum, Tenacious D (only the album from the movie though), Anna blue, ...

I also like old bands for example Aerosmith or Black sabbath but like only 2- 4 songs of their album or entire lifetime as of now.
You can't like them all!

Thanks for the interest in my ad!
Keep on rocking! \m/ Jori \m/

You can also contact me on social media (Facebook name is the same through a message)
Or at my Email : Scemmy@hotmail.com

You should better contact me through Facebook though.
I don't check my emails very often...

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