Young Band In Need of a Drummer

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drummer drummer - double bass guitarist - rythm percussionist cover / tribute experimental other pop punk rock

Band members wanted in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hi, we are two teenage girls in a passionate but not professional band, looking for a drummer. We would prefer a male drummer who is in the age range 13-17 who is not against playing backing instruments other than drums (if possible). We practice two days a week for an hour each, but whenever possible we will take the opportunity to practice more often. We are looking for a dedicated drummer who is willing to make a commitment; however, this is not a professional, paid band. No music theory knowledge needed, but you will have to write the drum parts for our original songs. We hope to find a drummer who will not be judgemental, rude, or a problem to the relationship of the band. We hope they will be dedicated, accepting, and comfortable around us, however, you don't need to be extroverted or overly social. Thank you for your time, and please consider contacting us.

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