Bluegrass Musicians Wanted

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Wanted: Guitarist - rythm, Harmonica player, Harpist, Hornist, Keyboardist and Organist in Augusta, Georgia, United States.
Posted 1 week ago by doctormorris, 10 views.
Wanted: Guitarist, Guitarist - acoustic, Guitarist - lead and Guitarist - rythm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
Posted 3 weeks ago by Raaghav Seth, 32 views.
Wanted: Guitarist - acoustic, Singer and Songwriter in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Posted 6 months ago by R-S-W, 264 views.
Wanted: Bass player, Drummer, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Singer and Songwriter in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States.
Posted 7 months ago by TheBoyNick, 382 views.
Wanted: DJ, Guitarist, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and Producer in Downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States.
Posted 9 months ago by Will-VAA, 644 views.