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Producer Wanted

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Wanted: Composer, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Vocalist - backing in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.
Posted 7 hours ago by MLDY, 6 views.
Wanted: Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and Producer in Los Angeles, California, United States.
Posted 20 hours ago by Nay, 14 views.
Wanted: Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Vocalist - backing and Vocalist - choral in El Paso, Texas, United States.
Posted 21 hours ago by newgirlgroup2021, 8 views.
Wanted: Drummer, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Percussionist, Songwriter and Producer in Eastway, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.
Posted 2 days ago by Patty, 31 views.
Wanted: Bass player, Drummer - double bass, Guitarist - lead, Guitarist - rythm, Keyboardist and Producer in Bealeton, Virginia, United States.
Posted 2 days ago by Joe, 18 views.