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I bang on hides & barks of dead organisms for fun. Sometimes I open up my villa in MirdRIFF(!) to a couple of others to jam

Photo-NYC: https://www.instagram.com/p/Brwb5UTnpRS/
Video-Sri Lanka: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIelYpIjaLE/

Think of me as a free extra for your rock band, jazz trio, DJ set, rap act, or experimental album who doesn’t want a cut of the takings yet can drop by as a friend to cherry-top your performance. Or if you’re not pro don’t be afraid to hit up and practice with me, we were all beginners once! I can:

- Turbo cajon (a top-slapped cajon that sits in my lap not the floor)
- Darbuka/bongos/tabla
- Gongs/timpani/handpans
- Shakers/tambourines/triangles/rattles
- Humming backing vox & pressing synth pads for ambience (not a keyboardist tho!)
- Side accompaniment to larger drumkit players or beatsetting for soloists
- Handling metronomes, DAWs, mics, compressors, mixing consoles, and FX gear

I'm by ear, not notes. I do ALL GENRES & styles. 1 catch: I don't do nighttimes

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

percussionist producer
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Habby's Profile

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