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I play drums in a band called Draino. We are an expiremental/punk rock band. Our sound is like if Black Sabbath had sex with John Coltrane, and the baby was on steriods. We have played a couple shows, all went well, but now we need a NEW vocalist.

Owen Bogert on drums, Austin Mohaupt on bass, Jack O'brien on lead guitar. WE ARE LOOKING FOR A VOCALIST!
We need someone who could get up on stage and yell their asses off with ZERO EMOTIONAL RESTRAINT. We aren't looking for someone with crazy talent, like some Opera singer, we are looking for someone who fits the part. We don't care if your voice sounds like shit, we just need someone to Henry Rollins this thing. Long black shorts, converse, shirtless and zero ego. We will have you scream, sing, and sometimes even perform spoken word on the designated verses.

We want to do this for a living. We need absolute dedication.

Manhattan Beach, California, United States.

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