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Hi there, my name's Patrik, nickname as you can see Royale Spongebob, I am 13 and live in Prague, Czechia. I play bass and piano for 6 months now. I want to join a band to get more experience and motivation to play the instruments. People say bass is boring, but songs without bass is just person without eyebrows. You don't realize how important it is. I want to join a band with band members age from 10 - 16, want to make friends and improve my English. If anything you can inbox me ;). If you live in Prague we can play together irl and we can have fun :)). My genres: rock, funk-rock, meta, pop, jazz, blues and kinda want to explore more genres. Favourite bands: The White Stripes, RHCP, Queen, TOP, The Overdressed Monkeys and much more. Hope you can find me and we can have fun playing together!

Prague, Prague, Czechia.

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Royale_Spongebob's Profile

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