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Plays: Singer, Songwriter, Vocals - backing and Vocals - choral.

Bio: A medical student, love pop music, favourite singers are Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber. They are my inspiration and want to become like them in the future.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Dj, Electronics, Keyboard, Piano and Songwriter.

Bio: A DJ producer who instead of blood in his veins, musical notes flow, the heart beats to the rhythm of the dance floor, walks to the rhythm of the bass. A DJ with a single sentence: harmony and rhythm transmitted to the body. This is Barren aSh.. read more »

Plays: Keyboard, Organ, Piano, Singer and Vocals - backing.

Bio: Hi, I am a experienced and seasoned Keyboard/ Pianist who has been playing from a very young age and played in many bands over the years. Even tough I`m older I learn quickly and I am also a good vocalist. Directing drama productions is also.. read more »

Plays: Saxophone, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: hi! i'm kit, i live in florida but i'm learning italian so i can move there next year. i want to be in a rock band! i sing and i can play soprano, alto, tenor, and bari saxophone :) instagram is @kitoneill__ i'm looking for people close to my age! it.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: Hi, I am a songwriter I play the piano and the guitar a bit. I'm looking for a band to collaborate with for fun online and maybe more. If you are interested write me to my email: read more »

Plays: Guitar - lead, Piano, Singer and Vocals - backing.

Bio: User hasn't filled out a bio yet.

Plays: Bass guitar, Guitar, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: I am looking for musicians and gigs .. I am fluent in blues, Rock, Country.. read more »

Plays: Bass guitar.

Bio: Rock bassist (mainly pop-punk.. read more »

Plays: Piano, Rapper, Studio and Vocals - backing.

Bio: Hey, I'm Pierfrancesco and I'm an (almost) 18yo guy from Italy! I've always wanted to do stuff with music but I'm not too confident in my production and vocal skills, however I can play the piano very well. I'd love to find some likeminded people to.. read more »