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Musician type: Guitarist, Guitarist - acoustic, Harmonica player, Harpist, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: Teen guitarist and drummer, into Polyphia, Steve Vai, John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Metallica, Guns N Roses. Willing to do covers or original music.. read more »

Musician type: Drummer, Guitarist, Guitarist - acoustic, Guitarist - lead and Guitarist - rythm.

Bio: Been a guitarist for roughly 20 years Started of classical fell in love with metal.. read more »

Musician type: Guitarist, Guitarist - acoustic, Guitarist - lead, Guitarist - rythm and Singer.

Bio: Riccardo Grechi achieved many objectives in the drumming field. During his first ten years as a musician he recorded and distributed over ten.. read more »

Musician type: Composer, Drummer, Drummer - double bass, Percussionist, Songwriter and Producer.

Bio: hi im a beginner keyboardist but i’ve been an accompanying pianist for quite some time since 2013. Interested in busking but am still a student... read more »

Musician type: Keyboardist and Pianist.

Bio: Deep into blues and Rock N' Roll! Stevie Ray Vaughan, 70s AC/DC, Albert King, Beatles, Chuck Berry, BB King, The Rolling Stones and many others!.. read more »

Musician type: Guitarist - lead.

Bio: I'm a guitarist in an incomplete band that's looking to be complete! Currently there's a guitarist (me), bassist, and vocalist. We share a love for.. read more »

Musician type: Guitarist - lead and Guitarist - rythm.

Bio: Hi I am a drummer looking to joined any band that is in need of drummer. I am currently working and cannot give full commitment to the band except on.. read more »

Musician type: Drummer and Drummer - double bass.

Bio: I'm a Chinese/Cantonese/English pop singer with 9 years experience in singing (including 4 years of classical singing) Looking for any experienced.. read more »

Musician type: Rapper and Singer.