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Plays: Singer and Vocals - choral.

Bio: Hi there! I'm a 21 year old female vocalist from Auckland (been singing for 8 years.) My aim is to find multiple musicians (guitarist, drums, bass, piano etc.) who are open, like-minding and interested in forming a band (if not already), coming.. read more »

Plays: Drums.

Bio: 6 yrs drumming experience.. looking for people to jam/ start some sort of band with.. love all rock... grunge, punk, classic, hair metal.. read more »

Plays: Bass guitar.

Bio: I have been playing the bass for about 3 years.. read more »

Plays: Singer, Vocals - backing and Vocals - choral.

Bio: Is there a band out there looking for a singer? Or perhaps just a guitarist looking for a singer? I am a 26 year old male and well I know I want to sing and sing and sing and perform and create. I have had this frustrating urge for as long as I.. read more »

Plays: User hasn't filled out any instruments yet.

Bio: Lookin Up is a punk rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. read more »

Plays: Bass guitar, Guitar - acoustic, Piano, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: Hey! My names Lennox Kennach, and I am a looking to make music in Wellington, NZL. Whether it's a Band, a group or a duo I just wanna jam & create something amazing! I can sing, play acoustic guitar, bass guitar & a bit of piano + I write a bit of.. read more »

Plays: Guitar, Guitar - acoustic, Keyboard, Piano, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: Hi, I’m Rachel! I love to dance, sing and play piano. I’m also learning Japanese and know how to play guitar. I would love to join a pop group.. read more »

Plays: Bass guitar.

Bio: User hasn't filled out a bio yet.

Plays: Guitar - acoustic, Vocals - backing and Singer.

Bio: Hello, so I've been singing and playing ukulele for a while. At the moment I'm just interested in being a session singer on studio recordings.. read more »