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Plays: Dj, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Rapper and Singer.

Bio: A loving and honest heart, the person I really want and the person I want to be with for the rest of my life.. read more »

Plays: Vocals - backing.

Bio: Pop/rock singer-songwriter.. read more »

Plays: Bass guitar.

Bio: Genres: black, doom, death metal Favourite bands: Gehenna, 1349, Mayhem, Mgła, Candlemass, Count Raven, Death, Behemoth.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Electronics, Keyboard and Songwriter.

Bio: I do synth, orchestral, keys programming for symphonic metal.. read more »

Plays: Piano, Singer, Songwriter and Vocals - backing.

Bio: hi!! i'm 19 years old and i can sing and play some piano! I'm looking for musicians who'd be interested in an online collaboration.. read more »

Plays: Bass guitar, Guitar, Singer, Songwriter, Studio and Vocals - backing.

Bio: Musision Bass player 25yers on stage. Producer singer.. read more »

Plays: Guitar, Guitar - acoustic, Guitar - lead, Guitar - rythm, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: User hasn't filled out a bio yet.

Plays: Guitar and Singer.

Bio: Singer looking for pro Rock band DAVID ROCK (c) singer/ musician telef whatsapp : + 48 791 176 664 music: mail artmusicdave@gmail.. read more »

Plays: Drums and Percussion.

Bio: User hasn't filled out a bio yet.