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Bio: Performed since 2008 in various bands, festivals, contests, one-man projects. Wide vocal range, mastered many styles and techniques. ▶ yodel -.. read more »

Musician type: Composer, Guitarist, Guitarist - acoustic, Guitarist - rythm, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: hi metalhead, only for serious people! Are you tired of frivolous people? Late for rehearsals, drunk in shit, forgot that today is a concert, and did.. read more »

Musician type: Bass player, Composer, Drummer - double bass, Guitarist - lead, Guitarist - rythm and Singer.

Bio: Hello. I am a musician, guitar player, singer and composer of my own songs. I would like to join a band. Willing to relocate. Thanks and may it be for.. read more »

Musician type: Guitarist - acoustic, Guitarist - lead, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: Born in Lisbon on May 29, 1974, Rolanda Semedo grew up listening to music style. Like most of his generation, she grew up listening to anglo-saxonic.. read more »

Musician type: Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: I'm a guitarist who also writes songs, and sort of sings when its required of him. I'm always looking forward to learn a little bit more, so, if you.. read more »

Musician type: Guitarist, Guitarist - acoustic, Guitarist - lead, Guitarist - rythm, Singer and Songwriter.