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Plays: Bass guitar, Drums and Drums - double bass.

Bio: NYC born looking to make some new music and jam.. read more »

Plays: Bass guitar.

Bio: I'm a bassist and was formerly with a classic rock/alternative tribute band, but saw that they weren't really going anywhere and decided to break off and start my dream project Slave of Vengeance.. read more »

Plays: Bass guitar, Drums - double bass, Guitar, Guitar - lead and Guitar - rythm.

Bio: One man expressing himself through the medium of Progressive Groove Metal Female vocalist wanted.. read more »

Plays: Guitar - rythm, Singer, Songwriter, Trumpet, Vocals - backing and Vocals - choral.

Bio: I am a singer with a wide range of style and taste. I have a choral background from school and college and have a good ear for harmonies. I also play the trumpet and ukulele well, and I am learning rhythm guitar. I played trumpet for Jetpack Blues in.. read more »

Plays: Drums, Guitar and Singer.

Bio: Came here from Ukraine. Looking just for someone who like heavy music( my favorite band is Korn) and could play with. I am singer and also could play guitar and drums.. read more »

Plays: Guitar.

Bio: Hello, I’ve been playing the guitar for three years. I started out playing the blues, but am now also playing other genres such as rock and metal.. read more »

Plays: Guitar - lead and Guitar - rythm.

Bio: My name is Stratos, I am from Greece(Piraeus), 52 years old and I am a guitar player. I live in Stuttgart (Wangen) and I have been in Germany about 2 years. I used to be a professional guitar player in my country and I worked as a session musician.. read more »

Plays: Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: User hasn't filled out a bio yet.

Plays: Bass guitar, Guitar, Guitar - rythm, Vocals - backing and Vocals - choral.

Bio: Looking for other people to jam with. Like-minded, playing music for fun, with the goal of starting a band and creating a lasting bond. Or something like that.. read more »