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Musician type: Guitarist, Guitarist - acoustic, Guitarist - lead, Guitarist - rythm and Singer.

Bio: Hey! I'm a chill guy looking to find a group of people to jam with! I'm also down to join a serious band. Bottom line, all I want to do is play and.. read more »

Musician type: Bass player, Drummer, Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter and Trombonist.

Bio: I am a rift maker/rhythm guitarist not a lead/shredder type. I have and do play a lil bass as well. Inspired by Nirvana/Korn/Slipknot/AIC and many.. read more »

Musician type: Bass player, Guitarist, Guitarist - acoustic and Guitarist - rythm.

Bio: I make the good sounds, i know how to listen to the delicate background noises of an sound and craft them to beauty, well sort of, i can make good.. read more »

Musician type: Drummer, Electronic musician, Percussionist, Rapper, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: I'm a passionate singer looking for a band! Willing to put in some work! I love most genres.. read more »

Musician type: Singer, Vocalist - backing and Vocalist - choral.

Bio: Hello! I just moved to Tucson from San Diego and I am looking for a guitarist, or band that needs a singer! I can sing harmony pretty well. I can sing.. read more »

Musician type: Singer and Vocalist - backing.

Bio: I am an metal bassist. I enjoy death metal, black metal, Grindcore, metalcore, and basically anything in between. I can do backing vocals as well.. read more »

Musician type: Bass player and Songwriter.

Bio: I'm currently a solo artist hoping to sing/scream, or produce/compose with some friendly people online.. read more »

Musician type: Composer, Drummer, Guitarist, Pianist, Singer and Producer.

Bio: I'm an aspirin musician and I want to create my own band with me as the lead singer and songwriter. Hmu lets chat and maybe be in a band together. I.. read more »

Musician type: Clarinetist, Drummer, Guitarist, Pianist, Singer and Songwriter.