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Plays: Bass guitar, Drums, Guitar, Guitar - acoustic, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: User hasn't filled out a bio yet.

Plays: Organ.

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Plays: Flute.

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Plays: Guitar and Singer.

Bio: I play guitar and I sing. It has always been my dream to entertain others whether it be modeling or acting or music, my goal is to be known for something. I am also a Christian so I also want to share my gifts and give all the glory to God.. read more »

Plays: Drums, Guitar - acoustic, Guitar - lead, Guitar - rythm, Percussion and Piano.

Bio: guitarist, pianist and percussionist. looking for a band who performs live.. read more »

Plays: Guitar.

Bio: User hasn't filled out a bio yet.

Plays: Guitar and Guitar - acoustic.

Bio: My full name is Myles DeGroot and I play guitar and I don't usually sing but I'm fine at it, I'm still working on the guitar skills not exactly what you'd call a pro but still. The music I'm inspired from are bands like Nirvana, Foo fighters, and.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: Been doing music for almost 25 years. I sing, play percussions, guitar and some other instruments as well.. read more »

Plays: Guitar - acoustic and Keyboard.

Bio: Pretty damn good singer. I can honestly sing anything you give me. I range from Mariah Carey to ****ing Metallica if that’s what you’re into but but MY main sound is sort of an R&B lofi type. I play some guitar, know how to read music a bit and.. read more »