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Plays: Bass guitar.

Bio: Bassist.. read more »

Plays: Bass guitar, Drums and Guitar - rythm.

Bio: Worked with quite a few bands in UK, NL, CA, EST.. read more »

Plays: Bass guitar, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: Hi, I'm Wyllow with a Y! I'm looking to add a member or 2 to my band. Our name is The Sunset Rockets, I founded this band with my friend Harlow. Harlow is also a 15-year-old female, who plays guitar and sings! For my role in TSR I play the bass and.. read more »

Plays: Guitar, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: Hello friends, It's me Harlow Kendra-Frank! I'm looking for one or two people to collaborate with me in my band along with my dear friend Wyllow Ruby Laines. She sings and plays bass! Along with her, I founded The Sunset Rockets. My role in this band.. read more »

Plays: Guitar, Guitar - acoustic, Guitar - lead, Guitar - rythm, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: 23 year old guitarist in New York City looking to start/join a band. Mostly into alt and indie rock. Check my ad for more info! https://soundcloud.com/anthonyhaera?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing.. read more »

Plays: Keyboard, Singer and Vocals - choral.

Bio: Love music!!! Also love to explore different forms of music and go out of comfort zone.. read more »

Plays: Bass guitar, Guitar, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: 18 year old singer/guitarist of The Empiricists looking for other band members to flesh out sound.. read more »

Plays: Drums.

Bio: Im looking for a band to join im a drummer ive been playing drums for about 6 years now and i want to start playing at shows and making music for people to listen to.. read more »

Plays: Bass guitar, Guitar, Guitar - acoustic, Guitar - lead, Guitar - rythm and Trumpet.

Bio: Guitar player. Want to play in punk band.. read more »