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Plays: Composer, Piano, Rapper, Singer, Vocals - backing and Vocals - choral.

Bio: 14 yr old singer and pianist.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Saxophone and Songwriter.

Bio: Playing It Forward. Retired military veteran playing for other veterans and gigs. Solo artist looking to perform with other musicians.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Guitar - acoustic, Guitar - lead, Guitar - rythm, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: Berklee trained guitarist, mandolinist, vocalist looking to join or form a band in Branson, MO. I love to play jazz, rock, blues, and bluegrass, and gospel.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Guitar, Piano, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: I'm wanting to start a Christian band that produces epic/orchestral style of music. Think Lord of the Rings or trailer music for an action movie. Bands such as AudioMachine, Two Steps From Hell, Future World Music, and Matias Puumala. Only with.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Guitar - acoustic, Piano, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: I'm a Classical Trained singer and lyricist, based in Bangalore., looking for band members who can contribute as pianists, drummers or guitarists. The type of music I make is Ind-pop and I have a serious intention of getting into the music industry.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Drums, Drums - double bass, Keyboard, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: I'm from Mt. Pleasant Iowa and have been playing drums for 30 years, I also play a little keyboard and piano and sing. I'm a songwriter, composer and producer as well.. read more »

Plays: Bass guitar, Composer, Piano and Singer.

Bio: I am a singer looking for a band . I am influenced by classic rock some deff leopard ,scorpions, Foreigner, Christian alternative , Christian Electro music and am influenced by alternative rock a lot like We the Kings, Avril lavigne, Starting line,.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Electronics, Guitar, Keyboard, Saxophone and Violin.

Bio: I'm an artist and also instrumentalist.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Keyboard and Piano.

Bio: I started my music journey at the age of 5. I started attending Carnatic classical music Singing classes at a very young age. I have completed juniors with 95% in the Carnatic classical music examination. I started learning Piano on my own at the age.. read more »