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Plays: Dj.

Bio: My name is Andre Buford. I like instruments and it started all of this when I join a 7th-grade band. At Landmark Middle School. I currently live in Moreno Valley Ca and that's where I want to have bands in I want mainly my bands in Ca because I don'.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Dj, Drums, Drums - double bass, Keyboard and Piano.

Bio: I am Jonison from Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India 27 years, Since March 2007, I have 13 YEARS Experience as a Keyboardist, Keyboard Teacher for - Churches, concerts, convention meetings, marriage functions. I can play what I hear. I can compose Styles.. read more »

Plays: Dj, Electronics, Keyboard, Piano, Songwriter and Studio.

Bio: Im new to music i used to be able to be able to play piano, guitar and i have started to try to write music and compose. The genre i am trying to learn is grunge, electropop, and dark ambient. I get my inspiration from more of the 2000s era and.. read more »

Plays: Dj, Singer and Violin.

Bio: Hey Everyone! It's Skiller and I am creating a band though I don't have any members so if you want to join feel free to send me a direct message. It doesn't matter where you live.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Dj, Electronics, Rapper, Songwriter and Studio.

Bio: All things heavy.. read more »

Plays: Dj and Keyboard.

Bio: Ameer Ali keyboard player singer music arranger dj sound oprator 03484018500.. read more »

Plays: Dj, Rapper, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: hello! I am Hustle and I love music. I've been singing almost forever now. I started signing when I was 2. I have written songs but, i don't have anyone to fund me, so that I can produce them. I can create music too. Describing my voice, i have a.. read more »

Plays: Bass guitar, Dj, Drums - double bass, Electronics, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: Looking to join/form a new wave/synth pop band. I have a song up on streaming called “Different Emotions Bind Blood in Eternity”. That’s really the kind of stuff I want to do. I can sing, write music and do basically anything else required. I.. read more »

Plays: Dj, Drums, Singer, Studio and Trombone.

Bio: I love melody hym.. read more »