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Plays: Composer.

Bio: More details are about Rickyjazz is on I am a musician, it's what I love doing always. Music is part of me. Omale Sal Fredrick as popularly known as Rickyjazz is a Nigerian born rising star. Faith would smiles.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Singer, Songwriter, Trombone, Vocals - backing and Vocals - choral.

Bio: Grew up in Michigan as a middle child. Mainly kept to myself but had my fair share of good times smoking weed and playing Runescape. Started out my creative side with drawing and painting then after being shown Acoustica Beatcraft at 15 the passion.. read more »

Plays: Bass guitar, Composer, Guitar - lead, Guitar - rythm, Songwriter and Vocals - backing.

Bio: User hasn't filled out a bio yet.

Plays: Composer, Conductor, Guitar - acoustic, Keyboard, Singer and Vocals - choral.

Bio: Hi, Im Jelvin. Looking for a band an opportunity as well to showcase my passion in music and to learn more. I am a singer, a songwriter. I also arranged songs.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Dj and Guitar.

Bio: User hasn't filled out a bio yet.

Plays: Composer, Drums, Guitar - acoustic and Songwriter.

Bio: Producing , composing.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Rapper, Songwriter, Vocals - backing and Vocals - choral.

Bio: Google Mudskin Cix for more information.. read more »

Plays: Composer and Electronics.

Bio: Has been creating electronic, synthwave, chillwave, vaporwave music for 2 years. Have some collaboration experience.. read more »

Plays: Composer, Keyboard, Singer, Songwriter, Viola and Violin.

Bio: I’m a born again Christian musician, singer and songwriter. I would love to meet other Christian musicians that want to make music to glorify Him. Rock, jazz and acoustic are my main genres I write for, but I have a wide musical range in other.. read more »