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Bio: ​​Hello my name is Tommy Alger. I am 21 years old and I am from Ottawa. I started singing when I was around 12 years old. I have been inspired at.. read more »

Musician type: Keyboardist, Pianist, Singer, Songwriter and Producer.

Bio: Looking for an epic online band project.. read more »

Musician type: Bass player, Drummer, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Singer and Vocalist - backing.

Bio: I am a 14 year old female vocalist with not much experience stinging with others. I have 6 years of experience with the violin and i am currently.. read more »

Musician type: Keyboardist, Pianist, Singer, Producer, Violinist and Vocalist - backing.

Bio: Hey guys I am a musician I am basically a keyboard player in a band called KALASWARA need to join call me:6361253477 plz I need members.. read more »

Musician type: Keyboardist.

Bio: Singer/ bassist 70’s/80’s rock & hair metal Premium range : C3 - F5 (Mezzo.. read more »

Musician type: Bass player, Composer, Keyboardist, Singer and Songwriter.

Bio: Hi, This is Deepak Sharma from New Delhi. I'm a male vocalist on the look out for band/group. I can sing in two languages hindi and bengali. Even I.. read more »

Musician type: Keyboardist, Vocalist - backing and Vocalist - choral.

Bio: i am a violinist with ten years experience. i offer violin classes,i play at weddings and events subscribe to my youtube channel the broke violinist.. read more »

Musician type: Flutist, Keyboardist, Pianist and Violinist.

Bio: A classically trained Western Pennsylvania girl, Amy Gould grew up in the rust belt in a small town with blue collar roots. She began writing and.. read more »

Musician type: Composer, Keyboardist, Pianist, Singer, Songwriter and Vocalist - backing.

Bio: Looking to join a contemporary Christian band as a bass player. Interested in playing worship tunes, covers, and originals. I enjoy good musicality.. read more »

Musician type: Bass player and Keyboardist.