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Plays: Composer, Guitar - lead and Oboe.

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Plays: Oboe.

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Plays: Oboe.

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Plays: Oboe.

Bio: Play oboe, cor.. read more »

Plays: Guitar, Oboe, Piano, Songwriter and Vocals - backing.

Bio: I play the keyboard, I'm learning the guitar and vocals. Open to anything kind of music, but I prefer punk/pop-rock. I'm still currently in school so scheduling could be tough, but I'll try my best to be flexible.. read more »

Plays: Oboe, Songwriter, Vocals - backing and Vocals - choral.

Bio: User hasn't filled out a bio yet.

Plays: Bass guitar, Oboe, Piano and Singer.

Bio: Versatile instrumentalist & singer Comfortable singing harmony Full education in music theory, some composition.. read more »

Plays: Bassoon, Composer, Oboe, Singer, Songwriter and Trombone.

Bio: Student musician, just wanting to create music and jam with people who have similar goals. I'm a wind player, but I am interested in Writing songs and composition. mainly looking for R&B, soul, and funk musicians to work with, however I definitely.. read more »

Plays: Clarinet, Flute, Oboe and Saxophone.

Bio: Hello, and hope you are having a great day. If you are looking for a professional woodwinds musician give me try. With over 30 years of experience on Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe in many music styles I can assist you in producing a great.. read more »