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Bio: I am a 14 year old female vocalist with not much experience stinging with others. I have 6 years of experience with the violin and i am currently.. read more »

Musician type: Keyboardist, Pianist, Singer, Producer, Violinist and Vocalist - backing.

Bio: I am looking to join a band in or around the Edmonton area, with members who are fun to jam with and super chill to be around.. read more »

Musician type: Clarinetist, Flutist, Pianist, Saxophonist, Singer and Violinist.

Bio: i am a violinist with ten years experience. i offer violin classes,i play at weddings and events subscribe to my youtube channel the broke violinist.. read more »

Musician type: Flutist, Keyboardist, Pianist and Violinist.

Bio: I am a female vocalist and songwriter, with a wide range voice and unique taste in lyrics. I will be going to a vocal coach who specializes in.. read more »

Musician type: Pianist, Singer, Songwriter, Violinist, Vocalist - backing and Vocalist - choral.

Bio: User hasn't filled out a bio yet.

Musician type: Bass player and Violinist.

Bio: User hasn't filled out a bio yet.

Musician type: Bass player, Cellist, Drummer - double bass, Keyboardist, Pianist and Violinist.

Bio: Iam a music composer from Hyderabad. Iam looking for musicians who are passionate of making soulful music. 7032155590. Do join us.. read more »

Musician type: Conductor, Pianist, Songwriter, Producer, Violist and Violinist.

Bio: Uhm i love metal music i try singing them a lot and trying to improve more of my voice.. read more »

Musician type: Violinist.

Bio: Hello I am a singer hoping to start a pop group or join another group. Really wanting to start my music career at a younger age.. read more »

Musician type: Rapper, Singer and Violinist.