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Wanted: Accordionist, Bass player, Bassoonist, Clarinetist, Conductor and DJ in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Posted 1 day ago by Didimon, 8 views.
Wanted: DJ, Electronic musician, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and Producer in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Posted 3 days ago by Lyrics Byheart, 18 views.
Wanted: DJ, Electronic musician, Keyboardist, Pianist and Producer in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Posted 1 week ago by Jaune Brun, 24 views.
Wanted: DJ, Drummer, Guitarist - lead, Keyboardist and Singer in London, England, United Kingdom.
Posted 2 weeks ago by Vic.V., 30 views.
Wanted: Bass player, DJ, Drummer, Guitarist, Trombonist and Trumpeter in Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands.
Posted 3 weeks ago by Clash Atworthy, 31 views.