Pianist Wanted

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Wanted: Drummer, Guitarist, Pianist, Singer, Songwriter and Vocalist - backing in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, United States.
Posted 22 hours ago by ileana ortiz , 3 views.
Wanted: Composer, Pianist, Singer, Songwriter, Vocalist - backing and Vocalist - choral in Brandon, Florida, United States.
Posted 2 days ago by Sheenahsingh , 40 views.
Wanted: Drummer, Guitarist, Pianist, Singer and Songwriter in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Posted 6 days ago by Jolie, 22 views.
Wanted: Bass player, Composer, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Pianist and Singer in New Delhi, Delhi, India.
Posted 1 week ago by AgrimDrummer, 31 views.
Wanted: Bass player, Drummer, Guitarist, Guitarist - lead and Pianist in Orlando, Florida, United States.
Posted 1 week ago by izzy1007, 20 views.