Oct 1, 2016

We are happy to announce that as of October 2016 the join-a-band.com website has become a part of the Musicianoid network.

Musicianoid is the fast growing destination for US musicians looking to join a band and bands in search of musicians. By partnering with Musicianoid.com we are able to reach more musicians which will help you to find suitable musicians in your area even faster! Furthermore Musicianoid is a platform that is innovating rapidly which means more cool tools for you as a musician in the near future.

If you are from the US make sure to join this fast growing community of musicians by signing up for a free account at Musicianoid.com today. Note that Musicianoid is specifically targeted to US musicians at the moment. International visitors outside of the US are should use the join-a-band.com website. Thanks for visiting and we'll keep you updated on all the cool stuff that's going to happen in the coming period!